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Your Trusted TNVR Service and Adoption Support for Feral Cats and Kittens

At Karma’s Kitties, we provide reliable TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) services for feral cats, benefiting both the cats and the community. Our main focus is to ensure the well-being of these cats while finding permanent homes for adoptable kittens and cats.

Through our TNVR program, we actively manage feral cat populations, reducing their numbers responsibly and preventing unchecked breeding. This helps to control the cat population, minimizing the risks of overpopulation, nuisance behaviors, and potential diseases.

In parallel, we work tirelessly to find loving homes for kittens and cats that can be adopted. This approach not only improves the welfare of individual cats, but also has positive impacts on community dynamics. Adopted cats often become cherished companions, providing emotional support, and enhancing the overall well-being of their new families.

By providing TNVR services and promoting adoption, we strive to create a safer community with healthier cat populations, improved human-cat interactions, and a reduced burden on local resources dealing with stray and feral cat issues.

Join Karma’s Kitties in our mission to make a positive difference for feral cats, adoptable kittens, and our community as a whole. Together, we can create a more compassionate world for cats and humans.

Services We Offer

Stray and Feral cats are a human-made problem. It is not the cats’ fault and the issues they present, like spraying, howling and fighting your indoor cats at a window. These are territorial behaviors and most often will dissipate within a month of getting the cat fixed.

The responsible and correct way to help yourself and your community is to get these cats spayed and neutered though a TNR service. We strive to help those who help themselves in being proactive through education and action!

TNR Trapping and Transport Services – We can assist with the TNR process from start to finish, as long as there is available time, space, and donations. Spaces are limited, and it can take 4-6 weeks at a farther clinic. We ask for a suggested (average cost) donation of $50.00 per cat.

Our goal is for the boarding facility to operate on prepaid planned services and kitty inheritances. This idea was inspired by hearing about an elderly woman who left $30,000 to a veterinarian to take care of her cats, though there were concerns about the possibility of the elderly cats being euthanized. Our aim is to achieve 100% self-sufficiency and expand our facilities for more programs.

Rest assured that your loved ones will be well taken care of with 24/7 personal love attendants and live cameras to ensure our integrity. Stay tuned for more detailed information.

We request a suggested donation of $50.00 per cat to cover expenses such as gas, traps, and time away from our regular jobs.

If you cannot afford the suggested donation, we will assist you as donations come in and as we have the time available. If you can help us fundraise and share our posts, you will be one step ahead. Please ask that donations be made “to help (your name) TNR” so that we can track the funds.

We can also provide free verbal help and advice if you choose to handle things yourself. We also offer trap rentals with a fully refundable cash deposit of $40.00 if returned undamaged within 3 days. We also require a photo ID.

Alternatively, Rural King offers a good deal on a 2-pack cage of small (kitten) and large (cat) sizes for about $45.


House / Barn / Working Cats Available

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Foster Care

Would you like to have a kitten or cat but not forever? We need people to give these adorable kitties more one-on-one time than we can provide.


Volunteers are the key to success and you don’t always have to be a cat person. Meowzers! We appreciate anything and everyone in-person and remote that can help us advance on this incredible journey!

Sign up for the following available roles:

  • TNVR Trapper
  • Transporter

Available For Adoption

Additional Opportunities


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