Colony Feral Cats

Who We Are

Karmas Kitties Incorporated in July of 2023 and began working in the community in September. The simple love of cats has made this happen.  We live it, so now we made it official and now we have some big big goals that makes us unique as we want to self-support and continue giving.

Currently, our focus is on TNVR(trap neuter vaccinate return) as current budgets and fundraising can afford.  We are learning about grants, sponsorships and growing as our knowledge does.  The more financial assistance we can receive, the more we do for the community.

The 2 Year Plan

The 2-year plan is to purchase a state of the art custom mobile adoption/rescue trailer.  This would be a mobile community adoption & emergency rescue vehicle for all 501c3s to use and could be at unlimited events across the state. Hoarding? Hurricanes? Emergency situations always happen and we would like to be the resource.

It is a proven fact that by bringing these cats (and dogs) to the public vs the public seeking out the pet that we see an increased success rate of adoptions into permanent homes lowering shelter, rescue and euthanasia rates.

This is a self-contained trailer and can be used for  a multitude of reasons, even emergency with hoarding situations. The ideal model we want is 7′ x18′ with 22 compartments and is $50,255.00.  If we were blessed by a larger donation there is a 8’x24′ with 43 compartments for $76,425.00.

Individual compartments are state of the art and can be adjusted to size preferences. This would be a fabulous asset to the Natures Coast and all of Florida possibly extending further as emergencies arrive. This is the Dream Trailer for rescues, our county, and our state. We want to make this Dream come true! Featured here is the smallest model of 12 compartments but we dream big!

The 5 Year Plan

Our 5-year plan is to a planned permanent sanctuary and boarding/adoption facility for cats who lose their permanent owners through death and hospitalizations.

The first building will be a pre-planned luxury kennel/sanctuary similar to a horse stable but with an open atrium and “bedrooms” fully furnished by the owners preplanning, personal furniture also being an option. The first ruff design has 13 bedrooms, a large open atrium that the cats can socialize in during the day when supervised. Ideas for the atrium are a yoga class, or kitty café as the ideas are endless. There will be a storage room and an adoption/veterinarian room, no need to stress the kitties out by travel when our vet would come to us.

In the event that the owner would pass away, their beloved cat(s) would have a plan in place. Dietary, veterinary, and behavioral needs would be pre-known, and the owner could choose for their kitty to live out their lives here or could plan out adoption requirements that we would match up for adoptions.

We pamper and love these cats as our own blood. Sometimes, people have no family to assist their beloved cat(s), this is where we help and step in. Arrangements would be made in advance for elderly, cancer, and critical care patients etc. Many have the fear of their pet outliving them and we are offering a solution.

Our goal is that the boarding facility will run on prepaid planned services and kitty inheritances. This idea was derived from hearing about an elderly woman and willing $30,000 to a veterinarian to take care of them, however there was some fear about the elderly cats being put to sleep. Our goal is 100% self sufficiency and to expand more facilities.

Coming Soon

Luxury Sanctuary

Jackson Adoption/Rescue Trailers


Hello 👋, my name is Kristine Karma and our goal is to TNVR every feral cat we’re capable of …and help kittens & cats get adopted along the way.

Meet some of our Rescues

Kristine Karma
Kristine Karma

Join Us

Looking for an opportunity to help the community? We have the following volunteer positions available

Board Members

Veterinary Board Member & Lawyer Board Member

  • Familiar with 501c3 structure, Leading strategically with guidance
  • Ensuring Financial stability and helping to secure fundraising resources
  • Supervising our team and ensuring a healthy governance.
  • Willing to commit to a 2 year term with option to renew.
  • Estimated time commitment per month is estimated at 4-6 hours.
  • Please email us with details, we are excited to hear from you.

Other Opportunities

  • Digital Marketing & Promotional talent for editing videos and photos for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok
  • Event and Fund-Raising Planners with Purrfectttt Ideas – Just be creative, talented at flyers and have fun in social world of promoting us and our objectives
  • Grant Writer – We need to pick your brain, if you can help us in your expertise and teach/coach us until we can afford to pay someone we would be humbled.
  • Photographer – Take photos of kitties available for adoption & attend events.


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