Barn Cat

Learn about working barn cats

A working cat is a non-socialized adult outdoor cat, sometimes these cats can be slightly friendly but the majority do not like to be touched. Ultimately, they enjoy their freedom and are not suited to households, this is their natural environment, and they want to keep it this way.

Working cats can be beneficial to anyone with a barn, warehouse, outbuilding, garages, etc. They provide great rodent control from grain, nesting populations, and are even beneficial to keeping palmetto bugs in check. They are a safe alternative to pesticides.

This is a second chance for a homeless cat, we ask that you provide water, 2 meals a day, insulated shelter, and a cozy place for napping in a bale of straw. We prefer to rehome in pairs but sometimes we have single solo independents, these are healthy cats, up to date on core vaccinations and are neutered or spayed to prevent unnecessary reproduction.

You don’t have to be a cat person to adopt, these cats typically do not like a lot of human interaction. Unless it is breakfast or dinner time. Do not expect the cat to live on vermin, they must be fed appropriately.

To properly introduce a barn cat to a new environment they must first learn and establish that you are a trusted food source and adjust to the new sounds and sights. It is recommended that the cat acclimate for approximately 2 weeks in a crate/kennel with litterbox before releasing. A doggie door or same in a window can be used to let the cat come and go freely after that or as what I like to do is call them in at dinner time by hollering “kitty food” and giving their dinner as a reward. Then they are safe from nighttime predators tucked away to do their nightly hunting of vermin.

If we do not have a working cat listed at this time, please reach out and fill out an application. I know plenty in need at other rescues and will connect you.


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