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  • TNR Education

    TNR Education

    TNR education and Resource Page Stray and Feral cats are a human-made problem. It is not the unfixed cats fault and the issues they present, like spraying, howling and fighting your indoor cats at a window are territorial. This most often dissapears or dissipates within a month of getting the cat fixed. The responsible and…

  • DIY – Trapping cats the day before surgery

    DIY – Trapping cats the day before surgery

    Tips & Advice on TNR’ing Feral Community cats – If you catch a cat or kitten it is advised to never release them until they are fixed. They become trap shy and might never go into a trap again. The larger the trap is always better, however some TNR centers have different rules. Please call…

  • Learn about working barn cats

    Learn about working barn cats

    A working cat is a non-socialized adult outdoor cat, sometimes these cats can be slightly friendly but the majority do not like to be touched. Ultimately, they enjoy their freedom and are not suited to households, this is their natural environment, and they want to keep it this way. Working cats can be beneficial to…